What to bring on this trip...

Camping gear:
NOTE: Only those we have predetermined need to bring a tent and tarp.
Sleeping bag
Pad – Prefer a Thermal Pad (2" - 4") essential for warmth/comfort.
TIP: Store these items in STUFF SACKS.

MESS KIT (Plate, bowl, cup, knife, fork, spoon – NON-breakable) Plan to clean your own dishes.

FRUIT to share with group: Fruits that are in season i.e. bananas, pineapple, cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries, oranges, apples, etc.

SACK LUNCH for the first day – Bring food to last until dinnertime at 6 pm.

Lip protection
Pocket Knife
Foot/heel cream – living in Utah makes heels dry & rough
Flip Flops/Sandals (NOT for hiking)

Hiking shoes or good lightweight athletic shoes
Hiking socks (i.e. Smartwool Brand, etc.)
Long pants

Clothing TIP: Avoid cotton fabrics including denim for hiking. Clothing that is easy to layer will work well for all types of weather. Wear fabrics that are comfortable, stretch, wick and breathe well.

Shirts - long and short sleeve
Sleepwear – bring something for your head for cooler nights.

TIP: Do NOT sleep in the same clothes you hike in.

Sweatshirt or warm jacket
Windbreaker that is rain resistant
Bug Repellent
Hat with a wider brim and neck protector
Water bottles – 2 ½ liters worth (fresh water is available at our site)

TIP: Think like an ONION. Bring and wear clothing that you can layer. Wear thinner, lightweight, polyester fabrics. Be prepared for all kinds of weather.
Backpack/Fanny pack
Personal toiletries – (hand sanitizer, toothbrush, toilet paper, tissue, etc.)

Body/Hand Lotion
Wet wipes
Head lamp/flashlight
Spending money
Gas money for your driver (Approx. $30 RT)

Wood for campfire – Everyone plan to help provide wood as needed, when we get there. Wood bundles are available for approx. $4
Swim Suit/Towel - you may or may not use a swim suit on this trip
Camping Chair

Walkie Talkie/2 Way Radio
Ear Plugs
Trekking poles/walking stick - highly recommended
Acoustic guitar/harmonica

Cell phone for emergency phone calls
Frisbee, simple small games
First Aid Kit – ibuprofen, band-aids, etc.