Fremont Indian State Park Adventure Vacation, June 26 - 28, 2009

Thanks to Gail for sharing her photos:

Gail's Photos

High Uintas Adventure Vacation, August 2009
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Fremont Indian State Park Outdoor Adventure - June 26 - 28

Agenda for Trip:

Leave SLC at 3 pm Friday
Arrive at Fremont State Park at 6 pm.
Check in, set up camp. Explore the place.
Bring your own food for Friday night.

Eat dinner
Evening trail exploring, photography and a little R and R.
Star Gazing instead of a campfire. Incredible sky!!

7 am Saturday morning, Breakfast started. Freshly ground whole wheat pancakes w/ strawberry jam and whipped cream.
Make lunches.
Pack up bikes on car and head out to explore the paved bike trail along the Sevier River.

Eat lunch at destination: Big Rock Candy Mountain.
7+ mile bike trail - one way.
Explore trails in the area - including Lemonade Springs
Stop along the way and take photos.
Shuttle back to our cars or ride back on bike.

Sat. afternoon: explore the trails, check out Freemont Museum, Cove Fort and other nearby Indian Sites

4:30 Preparing dinner of Salmon, Mashed Potatoes, Fresh Spinach Salad straight from the garden, homemade Ice Cream
After dinner, when it's cooler, explore a more trails, photo opt, visit scenic areas nearby.
Later on: Campfire and more star gazing

Sunday morning: Eat breakfast, make lunch, break down camp
For those who want to hike more can do so.
I'll be heading out for SLC to get back to my church meetings before 1 pm.