June 11 - 14, Capitol Reef and Kodachrome Basin Hiking/Camping Trip

June 11 – 14, 2009

Two Featured Hikes on this Trip:
Sulfer Creek and Willis Creek
Both are cool comfortable water hikes
Any adult who can hike 6 miles/day is qualified to do our featured hikes
There are plenty of other hikes and activities to do if you prefer not to hike these trails.

Willis Creek

Sulfer Creek

Thursday, June 11

8 am: Meet at 7200 So. I-15 Park n Ride to carpool and leave SLC
11 am - 12 noon: Arrive at Capitol Reef National Park
12 - 1 pm: Set up at Fruita Campground in Capitol Reef Nat. Park
1 - 6 pm: Explore, hike, scenic drives, sight see, eat, sleep, etc.
6 - 7 pm: Dinner
7 - 9 pm: Sunset Hiking
Hikes this day include: Fremont River, Goosenecks, Sunset Point, Chimney Rock, Hickman Natural Bridge
List of Capitol Reef Hikes

Friday, June 12

7 - 9 am: Breakfast, Make lunches, break down camp
9 am - 1 pm: Hike Sulfer Creek, stop and eat lunch along the way
1 - 2 pm: Visitors Ctr at Capitol Reef, visit Torrey, sight see, any last minute hikes before leaving
2 - 6 pm: Travel “All American Hwy 12” to Boulder Mountain, up thru Dixie Nat. Forest, drop down to Boulder, over the Hogback, depending on the weather and the group we could Hike Upper Calf Creek Falls - 1 hour, continue on to Escalante, Cannonville, Kodachrome State Park where we’ll set up camp.
6 - 7 pm - Dinner
7 - 9 pm - Sunset Hiking, relax, explore, etc.

Sat., June 13
7 - 8 am - Breakfast and make lunches
8 - 9 am - Travel to Willis Creek
9 am - 5 pm - Explore and Hike mainly Willis Creek, Some may explore Sheep Creek and Bull Valley
6 - 7 pm: Dinner
7 - 9 pm - Sunset Hiking, relax, explore, etc.

Sunday, June 14
7 - 9 am - Breakfast, make lunches, break down camp
You are on your own at this point to either stick around or head for home.
Take the fast way home or hike, explore, drive home the scenic way, etc.
I attend an LDS church service in Cannonville from 10 – 11 am before heading home.

Midvale, 7200 So. I-15
Midvale to Scipio: 111 miles, 1 hr. 40 minutes (9:30 am)
Scipio to Sigurd: 32 miles, 37 min. (10:15 am)
Sigurd to Torrey: 60 miles, 1 hr. 17 minutes (11:30 am)
Torrey is approx. 10 miles from our campsite at Capitol Reef National Park

, JUNE 11, 2009: 8 am: Meet in Parking Lot, 7200 South exit, just off I-15, WEST side of McDonalds Restaurant, EAST of I-15, far SOUTH end. McDonalds is practically next to the freeway on the East Side. NOTE: If you need to come down later, that’s fine.

COST INCLUDES: Eight delicious meals and snacks, camping accommodations for 3 nights, experienced guides, carpool assistance. We ask our hikers to help with meals and camp set up and break down.