Escalante Outdoor Adventure Trip

Calf Creek Falls, the large photo above, is a hike I recommend all of us doing. It's one of our favorites on our Escalante Trip with the most impressive scenery! Approx. 2.5 miles one way, fairly level, sandy trail with a BIG reward at the end of the trail: an amazingly beautiful 120 ft. colorful waterfall.

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For a bit of excitement on this trip, SOME of us will be doing 2 slot canyons called Peek a Boo and Spooky. I hire my good friend, Frank, from Escalante, who works for the BLM, to take us through these slots. The video above is a taste of Spooky, which is the more challenging of the 2 slot canyons. The guy filming this video didn't like it as much as I did. I think I loved it because of who I went through it with - caring people who helped each other out along the way. These claustrophobic slots are not for everyone and there will be plenty of people NOT doing the slots so don't worry since another great hike will be going on during the slot canyon hike.